In a recent experiment, we found that a live video reached double the number of viewers and had twice the number of engagements in comparison to a similar recorded video on the same Facebook page. WOW!! Additionally, a video (even a slideshow, as long as it has motion in it) received two to three times the number of views and engagements as a static image post. For example, if 10 people engage with a static image, 25 will engage with a video and 50 with a live video.

Why is video so engaging both on and off of social media? Because it captures attention, it summarises a message or happening into seconds rather than minutes of reading. The combination of movement and audio engages with a greater number of people. It also allows the viewer to judge quickly if the content is relevant, and whether they should stop and watch it. Stopping that thumb from scrolling passed your post is the first objective on social media Then it’s about getting the viewer to engage by hitting the like button, commenting or sharing!

Live broadcasting makes all the difference to getting your content into your viewer’s feed. We’ve found that this is definitely one way to cut through the clutter.  Social media channels highlight live content because it ticks all their boxes: it’s authentic, facilitates interaction and draws users onto the platform.

When we get tired of scrolling or feel the content we see isn’t relevant, we’re more likely to leave the platform or unfollow the page. This raises the bar regarding the kind content we post and it’s why, to be effective on social media, your posting has to be engaging.

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