Why Do I Need Purple Mookiting?

We will champion the customer-focused perspective and be catalysts for the change that moves your business in the direction of your vision.  We are ready to lead change in your business and to create your remarkable brand story to attract the right leads. We would love to work alongside you and share how strategic marketing can change your business for the better.

Where do we start to create a purple cow?

We start by asking, “What is it you are looking to change about your business and what time frame have you set to make this change?”. We then set to creating a creating a purple cow that will get you there.

To create a remarkable brand, we have to tell your brand’s story. It’s a collaborative effort. We spend time interviewing you, working with you and your team to understand what sets your product or service apart. Each brand exists within a marketplace and, in order to stand out, we have to understand the other players your prospects will consider.

Once we have created your purple cow, we conceptualise the marketing strategy and implement the tactics and activities to make a difference.

Consistently communicating your brand story through a range of media, eg: website, brochure, social media, will establish the target market’s understanding of what you offer and so, will improve the quality and quantity of leads. To achieve this, we collaborate with other experts who are passionate about what they do, e.g.: web designers, signwriters, printers, photographers etc.

As we conceptualise, action, measure and learn, we adjust the marketing strategy, tactics and activities to ensure you are increasingly effective in the marketplace. To offer a better return on your investment, we prioritise our effects for maximum impact as every initiative requires resources (both financial and human). We leverage our expertise to align your marketing and your business.