Essential to creating a social media feed of interest, and therefore, engagement, is keeping WHO we are talking to at the centre of everything. Seeing posts from the audience’s perspective shapes the planning, writing and emphasis of the feed. Engagement on your feed is a key metric of success, it shows your followers find your content interesting and worth commenting on, sharing or liking. Over the next four blogs, we’ll share four elements to work on to increase engagement.

Today, we’ll focus on planning: whilst you may think a schedule is too formal or complicated, writing a guideline will balance your feed and make sure you post frequently enough so that your feed remains relevant, but not cluttered. Frequency needs to be attuned to your markets, a consumer-oriented brand will post more often than a corporate. The guideline in South Africa is not more than once a day unless it’s an event day and not less than once a week. I recommend you then take a look at your post mix and include:

  • a shared post – content from another brand aligned with yours and of interest
  • a discussion post – brand orientated but something the reader can comment on
  • a marketing post – focused on what your brand offers but written from the reader’s perspective and specific to one product or service per post
  • a happenings post – focused on something that has just happened related to the brand

Find the right mix for your brand, by gauging the engagement, and try each on different days to find the right rhythm for your feed. Your plan should be flexible enough to include an event, and the unexpected, but allow you to breathe easier knowing you’ve created an engaging feed.

Next week, in part two, we will look at sharing!