As we said in our last blog, social media is ever-evolving, so today we highlight a newcomer to social media, TikTok, as well as an expansion in services from an old favourite, WhatsApp:

  • TikTok:
    • The widely used and increasingly popular site is gaining more attention. This platform targets 16-24 year olds with it’s short and playful videos. Branded hashtags are created for unique content around products and in-feed ads videos appear on the user’s discover page (ForYou page). These are very helpful to drive sales. 
  • WhatsApp 
    • This internet-driven messaging tool is a growing way for companies to communicate across country boundaries and at a low cost. It has become an accepted channel for business discussions and, as such, the business version allows for automated and pre-written responses as well as being able to set when the respondent is available for chat, for example, during business hours only. The group chat facility allows mass communication and discussion about topics and within communities. Facebook now offers Whatsapp integration on its business pages. 

Whilst all these new features and platforms can be exciting, social media is about meeting your target market where they are. Remember, you don’t need to engage on every platform or use every feature. Pick and choose the ones that are relevant for you.

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