Overwhelmed with the way social media continually changes and expands? In this blog, we will share a short summary of the key players in South Africa and the features they have recently added with which you may want to engage.

  • Create a Facebook group: 
    • This social media giant is still the leader in terms of the number of people on it’s platform and the demographic it reaches is still the broadest. More and more, brands and people are moving to use the Groups facility on Facebook for a variety of applications from focus and promotional groups to educational ones, it is a good place for discussion. Group administrators can see who is who because each person is linked to their profile and so can be held accountable for their actions. Facebook has vastly expanded the way in which to interact in groups and this may be a space you should consider for your brand. 
  • Create an Instagram guide: 
    • This is still the “young”, visually-orientated place to hang out but it’s appeal is growing and it is ever-evolving. Adapting to the changing demands of its audience, Instagram now allows for Guides to be created. They are a collection of brand and influencer stories pulled together into one reference place. Originating with health enthusiasts bringing together feeds of advice, the new guides feature allow brands to integrate leading voices alongside their own and this can help promote to a wider audience. 
  • Create a Twitter Fleet:
    • Long standing news platform Twitter has remained fairly static in the development of new ways to create content. Text has been it’s focus but it recently expanded to mimic Instagram and Facebook’s stories with it’s new Fleets. These short videos last only 24 hours making them an ideal place to highlight a deal or special happening for your brand. It pulls your name right to the top of the feed to attract your follower’s attention.

Not every brand needs to adopt every new way to engage with social media but it is good to keep in mind the options you have available and it indicates how the marketplace is looking to consume its content. Next week, we will look at new on the scene, TikTok and they expanded the WhatsApp business app.