Trend Five: How Our Brands Impact The World They Work In Matters More Than Ever

“Modern brand building is clearly changing as organizations adapt to the socially conscious mindsets and expectations of younger, more diverse generational cohorts like Gen Z.”

said Hubspot. Sharing how we are engaging with our staff, our planet and those in need has been highlighted by 2020 and COVID-19 but this heightened awareness will remain. Customers care now about everything soft relating to your product or service and social is a great way to share all about it!

This is the last of our five part series on Social Trends for 2021 based on the recently released research from Hubspot (a leading developer and marketer of software products for inbound marketing, sales, and customer service). Which trend or trends are you most excited to see play out in 2021? Missed the rest of the series, read part one here.