Trend Four: Passive Content Consumption Still Counts

“2020 data shows that the average Facebook user has only shared one post in the last 30 days. Just one. And yet many brands still desperately try to latch onto memes and viral moments in pursuit of a few extra retweets that don’t actually translate into any type of meaningful business value. This leads them to base their social content on goals that go against the typical behavior of most users.”

Hubspot commented recently. If your post is being seen by the right person, they don’t have to engage with it for it to be effective. This circles back to number one though, if you can’t track who is following your page and correlate that to enquiries, you’ll never be sure if your reach is bringing in the leads you want.

This is part four of our five part series on Social Trends for 2021 based on the recently released research from Hubspot (a leading developer and marketer of software products for inbound marketing, sales, and customer service). Read part three here.