Most age-friendly community initiatives have taken place in middle or higher income communities, and many lower-income communities lack the resources or ability to make this commitment. Yet, individuals and small groups of people in communities around the world are taking meaningful actions to make their communities better support themselves and their neighbors as they age. And innovations come in all shapes and in small and large sizes. So we need to provide support for and to learn from the creativity and innovation that is happening everywhere across the globe. AARP, HelpAge International and the Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO) created this toolkit for low- and no-cost age-friendly interventions in order to help communities begin or advance their age-friendly journey—starting wherever they are. Page 14 onwards (Bright Ideas) shares a number of ways countries (around the world Mexico, Chile and Brazil, to Argentina, Uruguay, the United States and Colombia) have put this vision into action. Read more:!-steps-for-engaging-older-people-and-improving-communities-for-all-ages