For many, today’s retirement looks a lot like work. The difference? Work in their retirement years is now on their terms, not their employer’s or even on society’s expectations.

Why are these retirees returning? For some, it is money worries and the threat of inflation. For many, it is to give them something to do. Work serves other critical functions that go well beyond money. We are likely to spend more waking hours with our work colleagues than with our family and friends; consequently, work is a large part of our social world. Work structures our days, if not always to our liking. But while life may seem short, days with nothing to do or no purpose can feel endless. 

A vast majority of these people want to work part-time and could work either in person or remote. Retirees are an overlooked talent that is often overlooked in the job pool and companies should engage that market. 

Many of these retirees going back to work also have some concerns; getting back into the workflow, updating their resume, how to get ready for an interview when the interviewer could be someone they know, and sadly not being accepted by their peers. 

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