Recent Google research* highlighted how marketing continues to under-represent women. Men are twice as likely to be featured in advertising campaigns and twice as likely to be able to find what they are looking for when googling for an item. For example, women regularly have to add “for women” to a search request to find the item they are looking for whereas men just type in the product name. 

In the month of August, we will be looking at how to tackle this bias in your marketing. The first milestone is Women’s Day itself. If you plan to mark 9 August (in South Africa) in your marketing material, how can you connect your brand promise to the commemoration of the day? Consider the historic moment we are marking, how can you communicate this and raise the awareness around why we pay attention to it each year.

Each time your brand connects on an important social issue it is an opportunity to build empathy and connection with your audience.

Next week, we’ll look at why we highlight inspiring women and how to tell their story.