A review takes the customer’s feedback beyond a rating (such as five stars) and allows them to add a narrative. This narrative becomes part of the brand’s story as a prospect will look at the brand story you tell and whether this is echoed in the reviews you’ve received. These reviews are key influencers in the decision making process.

By taking the time to look at your brand’s reviews on platforms such as Google and Facebook, you not only have an opportunity to engage directly with customers but you also get to see your brand story through their eyes. However, did it ever cross your mind to be proactive and to shape this narrative? To be a part of the review process? To look to help form the review?

A review only adds value when it helps the prospect make the right decision. This decision may be to use the product or service or not, it’s about matching the right prospect to the right product or service. Every book is not for every reader, a good review will help you know if the book is what you are looking for.

Similarly, what we are looking to do, as marketing experts (and business owners), is to have the RIGHT impact. You want the reviews written to be guiding prospects and authenticating your brand story. And our customers can help us with this process, if we are prepared to ask them carefully chosen questions. 

For example, imagine you are in the hospitality industry. Your brand story communicates your guests can anticipate a relaxing experience for families, they will feel they can really make themselves at home and a longer stay will be beneficial. It’s an establishment they can return to year after year. So what kind of questions could you ask them? Some examples:

  • Did you feel you had to dress up for meals or that you could dress informally at all times?
  • When you wanted a quiet moment, could you find a spot to curl up and just be?
  • Did you, or any member of your family/group feel that they had to make an effort to get the service you expected?
  • Would you have liked to stay longer? Why?
  • Can we look forward to welcoming you back?
  • What service could be added that would make your stay even more enjoyable

The responses may look like the following:

“It was a home away from home where we, as a family, could kick back and relax. Everything we needed was available and we look forward to making this an annual week away!”

Its undeniably challenging to ask different questions, but as we are looking to establish empathy, and we are looking to speak specifically, it’s these details that will help engage the imagination of the customer and the prospect. Encouraging customers to share their review on any of the many platforms available to them will build confidence with the right audience. We want WHO WE SEEK TO SERVE to connect to the review. A customer review is superior to any rational explanation or description of what is on offer.The prospect feels understood, * “ie: someone like me has felt this way and found this to be the solution. I want that, so I’ll buy it.”

Your connection with your customers will build as they see you value the comments they have made. The reviews will reflect the brand story more accurately and so those searching for your product or service will find it easier to choose you.