As we continue to celebrate #GoBlue, we will be sharing a few of the campaign articles here. Andrew Line, Principal of Harcourts Hilton, discusses property requirements for over 60s:

This is such an interesting question as things should have changed over the years, but have not really!

I am 57. When my parents were this age 40 odd years back, they chose to downscale from their farm and settle on a 1,2 ha (3,5 acre) parklike property close to a small village, in the Natal Midlands, known as Hilton.

Their parents at a similar age, moved from the same farm to a one-bedroomed flat in the city. The other granny moved from her flat in the city into a residential hotel in Pietermaritzburg.

Now I have just moved from a 0,8 ha (2 acre) property into a gated estate on 2000 sq/m, with the same size house (Now that was a bit dof).

We, as agents, meet so many people in this stage of life; where the kids have left and they feel they should take the next step but also feel they are bringing on the end of life, too soon.

Let’s be real! My move has brought new interests, fewer responsibilities, new friends (mostly younger than us ) and a whole lot of fun.

Some of my friends in the same age group are buying big properties and almost starting again, while others are moving to the beach into neat apartments while at the same time, they have bought a boat in the Mediterranean.

So is there a shift in the needs of the people at 60? it seems to me that there is no “norm “ for this age group.

What we have seen is that the old residential hotel certainly had its need way back then, but this has gradually disappeared.

What we have seen more of is rural farm homes being converted to places for folk suffering from dementia. These are run a bit like a student digs where the folk have tasks that they have to complete which is brilliant as it keeps them busy and they feel loved and needed.

This brings me to the final point as I see a gap in the market for ‘Digs’ for the mature. A few are popping up here and there, where folk have a private room or even two (budget allowing) and there are communal reception rooms, coffee machines, toasters, for when required during the day.

There is a full-time staff who cook, clean and garden. BUT BEST of all there is the company. They can be private (in their room) when it suits but they can also enjoy social time and meals with others. I really feel this makes sense as they are sharing costs, contributing to life and its socially acceptable. So, I’m all for the emerging “Green House Project” which brings this concept to life!

The #GoBlue campaign, from 9 September to 13 October, needs YOUR help. It is designed to draw attention to the needs of seniors in the Pietermaritzburg and Midlands community. Sharing #GoBlue articles is one of the ways you can help. You can share it by forwarding this one via email, downloading articles from the PADCA website or sharing them on social media from PADCA’s Facebook page.