Understanding the power of prioritising is a world where a quick response is the order of the day can seem both challenging and counter intuitive. Many of the books dealing with the issue are detailed and for some could be overwhelming. This fable keeps it simple. If you have already spent a  great deal of time in examining the issues, it may seem just a little too simple. It reminded me of some of the things I value very highly:

  • If you want to spend time strategising or innovating, you have to take the time to this kind of work,” you have to find space for brilliance.”
  • People will judge you by your actions, not what you say you will do. If you don’t make time for the people who are important to you, they are not a priority.
  • Other people don’t get to determine how you spend your time, you do.
  • When you have a vision of who you want to achieve, or the legacy you are looking to leave, every activity needs to be assessed as to whether it will keep you moving on this journey.

I think it could be a lovely book to share with colleagues who do not yet understand the concept or for those who find a deeper read (more than an hour of  two) challenging.

With many thanks to the author, the publishers, Penguin Random House LLC, and NetGalley for my free copy to review.