Easy to read with a powerful story about making changes in your business 

The combination of clear principles and a story make the ideas easier to take in. By pairing up a highly successful businessman/coach who wants help to complete the IRONMAN with the sport-based entrepreneur/coach who needs business advice for his struggling business, the reader soon understands that you can be an expert in your own area while still needing a framework, a process, tools and practical help in another.They mentor each other. There is a strong emphasis on identifying then making small changes in key areas and executing them consistently.

Some quotable quotes:

“Sometimes in life, effort does not equate to outcome.”

“ If I started doing them randomly – a swim session here, a long ride there – would that get me across the IRONMAN finish line?”

“… if you want long-term growth, you need a real plan, something more purposeful and trackable.”

“… it was repeatable and sustainable.”

In the end, both are winners and learn a great deal along the way.

Great examples are woven into the story, making it a more memorable read. I’ve read it twice and I’m sure I will read it again.

With many thanks to the author, the publishers Morgan James Publishing, and NetGalley for my free copy to review.

Five Stars!