This book is about improving your performance by changing your behaviour. The author suggests that at times we are successful despite some of the habits we have picked up along the way. He recommends making simple, small changes at an individual level before looking to make a change at a broader or, organisational level. It’s about changing beliefs first because your beliefs impact on your behaviour. He gives you practical tools to assess the changes you are looking to make and cautions that changing our behaviour takes longer than you think, yet reassures you that this is just the nature of changing your behaviour.

Much has been written about how interruptions and distractions reduce productivity and the author echoes these sentiments and, for example, advises that checking email less frequently can reduce our stress levels!

The POWER triangle is a key paradigm for changing behaviour, and here he outlines the importance of Purpose, Optimism, Way (The Way), Environment and Reinforcement to enabling change.

I loved the holistic approach to improving work performance, for example:
that health and well-being were not seen as an afterthought, but rather essential to improving performance,
the encouragement to surround myself with healthy, positive people in order to reinforce ideal behaviours,
the value of Yoga (a personal favourite of mine) and meditation.

I enjoyed this book and believe many others will gain valuable insights by reading it.

With many thanks to the author, Skyhorse Publishing and NetGalley for my free copy to review.