I thoroughly enjoyed this book. This is an inspiring story about the lessons learnt by the author from when he started this business with only a few dollars to when he sold it (for $45 m) 15 years later.

It is clear that the Piyush was not motivated by cash, but rather had a clear vision for his business from the beginning, adapted the mission to changing circumstances, and never compromised on his values.

As an owner of my own business, I related to all of these issues. Many I have experienced first hand. While I nodded in some places, at other times I made notes and I plan to try out some of the suggested actions and recommend my clients do so too.

I found Piyush’s style of writing appealing. The conversational (less formal) tone made it easy to read. As a result, I think it will have a broad appeal to the business community.

Each of the short chapters (3 to 5 minutes) focus on a key issue, there are specifics, supported by great stories. This bite-sized approach meant that I didn’t stop partway through a chapter but got to enjoy the full perspective being communicated (the beginning, middle and end). The content complemented other leadership books I have read, I am planning to work back through the book for a second time in the not too distant future to work through his action lists in more detail.

I highly recommend this book!

With many thanks to NetGalley for the advanced copy, I am very grateful for the opportunity to review this book

From the back cover:

In Lead Your Tribe, Love Your Work, Piyush Patel offers an insider’s perspective on how to unify your team around a common purpose by uncovering your core values and transforming your culture. 

With over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience, Piyush has discovered that—while leaders can provide opportunities—real culture comes from the heart. Using real-life examples and practical takeaways, Lead Your Tribe, Love Your Work is the ultimate guide to creating a tribe to lead and a workplace you love. Piyush challenges readers to rethink their current paths, unveiling:

• The business-owner wake-up call: How to tell when your company culture is failing and what to do to fix it
• The key to employee retention is BAM—Belonging, Affirmation, and Meaning
• Secrets to successful onboarding: How to make new employees feel like they already belong
• Constructive “uncomfortable” conversations: Tips for getting positive results from conflict
• Four questions to ask your employees to get a pulse on your company’s culture
• When successful businesses happen to poor leaders: Identify negative initiatives and reshape your company before it’s too late
• How to spot the difference between ‘real’ and ‘faux’ culture: Why a company with perks can still be toxic

As a business owner or leader, Lead Your Tribe, Love Your Work will challenge you to take control of your culture and create a thriving company that’s built for longevity.