As an entrepreneur of 22 years, there is so much in this book that I could relate to. The successes and the failures. Many aspects of the stories resonate with my own experiences. Yet, there was also a great deal that I feel will be useful for where I am now, and that will prove valuable as I continue my leadership journey.

The structure of the book and the questions asked by the author means that specific themes come to light and this adds a significant value. Alinka summarizes them again at the end,

“ Now you know what the six ingredients of supreme leadership are. You need passion, vision, persistence, adaptability, customer centeredness and relationships.”

As she quotes 34 CEOs business owners throughout, this provides not only a variety of styles, which kept it really interesting but increases the sense of authenticity. These topics are explored in multiple contexts and in significant depth.

I was really encouraged to see the inclusion of a number of leaders who are open about the role of their faith in their leadership journey, eg” I don’t know that it is anything I have learnt from a book, but faith has been reinforced throughout my life. It’s my faith in God. I tend to see that a lot: that faith in other people in our organization, “Galen said. (Galen Qhnenzer, Boys & Girls of the Sequoias).

I really enjoyed this book and plan to use it as a reference. I do believe that it has the ability to increase my effectiveness as a leader. I was invited to review this book by the author and am very grateful for the opportunity.