Does your brand interact with “Gen Alpha”? This is the first generation to be born in a fully digital world and is set to be the largest in history. Right now, however, they are under the age of twelve. They will become teenagers in 2023 and are sure to continue to make a mark on those with whom they interact. 

A recent Hubspot article highlighted the trends in this age group.

Predominantly born to millennials, they are already brand aware, showing a strong preference for higher-quality products and industry leaders. With social media having been a constant for them, these children engage happily with each other online and so have developed an interest in the world issues they have been exposed to along the way. They are socially aware, paying attention to global discussion points such as climate change, COVID-19, and social justice. 

They look for content that allows them to participate with it – such as TikTok – not just consume it. Interaction is important and needs to be built into the marketing and products targeting them. Their perception of their world and their need to verify what they are told means transparency and authenticity is necessary, they will check a brand out thoroughly in reviews and experience and have a low tolerance for those who aren’t adapting to the changing needs of the world.

Insights into Gen Alpha allow us to shape how we communicate with them now and will affect our strategies going forward as their buying power and influence grows. Read more about them here: