PADCA JLS Mile 2018

Dear Karren and Kelly (and pooches)


It was lovely to have the entire Purple Mooketing family at the Mile. Your team plays a key role in this event by injecting your energy and dynamic ideas into the planning process. The donation box you donated to PADCA looks awesome…Thank you for the support, energy, fun, laughter and connections that you bring to the organisation. We truly appreciate your efforts to build the PADCA brand into the best in the senior business.

Trevor Clowes


The PADCA JLS Mile, in its sixth year, has become a fixture on the PMB seniors’ calendar. From its inception, we have worked to position it to promote active aging, regardless of physical ability, and create a sense of community amongst PMB seniors! This year, it was held on the Maritzburg College Barns Field on the 16th May.

In addition to the 7, 3 and 1 km walks, there were health checks, music, laughter, giant garden games, chatting between new and old friends in the tea garden and even some dancing.

PADCA is a vibrant, dynamic non-profit organisation based in Pietermaritzburg, a leader in senior care in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands and a resource of choice for senior citizens and their families. They support people through the aging process, offering a continuum of services and care for seniors across the whole financial spectrum.



The website hosts a page dedicated to the PADCA JLS Mile
PADCA’s Facebook page hosted the event, boosted posts supported the campaign and live videos were streamed through the morning
Flyers and posters were distributed
Press releases were distributed and featured in several local press