Do you want to be coached in marketing?

So you know you want to bring about change in your business? You’ve identified where you’d like your business to go but you aren’t sure how to get it there? You receive enquiries but they aren’t the ones you want or you don’t have enough of them? You have ideas but would like help refining and distilling them into actionable points?

Purple Mookiting would love to come alongside you and coach you through this transition, sharing with you how strategic marketing can make your business better. We will guide you through the marketing process including:


Analysing your market so you can highlight how your product or service is different to your competitors as well as understanding the market forces and how best to connect with your prospects. We’ll help you find the resources you need and our positioning tool will help you shape your answers into a relevant document. This document becomes the backbone of the marketing strategy.


Refining your company’s wording and visual elements through discussion about what each contributes to the story you are telling and sets you apart making it easier for your prospects to choose you.


Creating an action plan clearly outlining the activities for you to implement. Here we put the strategy developed into action making sure you prioritise first so you gain traction quicker and each activity is effective, working in harmony with the other activities.


Setting clear goals is part of the process and so too is monitoring the activities implemented, assessing the successes and failures and adjusting the strategy and action plan.

Through this process, we will move your business to a better future, one where you have the right prospects coming in and your marketing is effective. 

Our marketing coaching is for people who:

  • Want to make a positive change in their company
  • Are confident in their product or service’s worth
  • Are ready to learn more about strategic marketing
  • Will make the time to engage with the process and implement each step as we work through the process

Our marketing coaching isn’t for people who:

  • Want someone to implement the marketing strategy for them
  • Are looking for a formula that can be applied believing that it will have the desired effect
  • Need an instant fix, want immediate results. Strategic marketing requires engagement and takes time to be effective

In each of our online, once a month, one hour sessions, we will discuss this process sharing our decades of marketing expertise with you, teaching you the skills you need to assess the best way forward and then make the change you want to bring about. We will help you to progress on this journey, we will encourage you, celebrate with you, remind you of the goal and hold you accountable. We will go at the pace you can manage. Between sessions, we will ask you submit documents for our feedback which we will then discuss further at the next session.

Each session is $100 and we’d recommend your budgeting on 6 sessions. Commit to all 6 sessions and only pay $500. 

The first coaching session is on us during COVID-19

We know it’s tough right now. It’s hard to know what to do next. But, taking small steps in the right direction can make a big change. So, start the journey now! To help you take that first step, we are offering our first coaching session free.

We will spend 45 minutes with you on a Zoom meeting working through what you’d like to change in your business and giving you our marketing perspective on the situation. We will then send you a recommendation on your some next steps to consider. There is no cost involved.

So take that first step and complete the form. We will get in touch with you and move forward from there.  


About Your Coaches

Karren Y Hodgkins

Karren Y Hodgkins

Brand Strategist and Managing Member

I’ve been in marketing for forty years, I started in a corporate environment (In Consumer Goods and then in Financial Services) and then took the lessons learnt and made them available to small and medium privately owned business There are so many amazing products and services developed in this environment and developing the brand stories and effective brand strategies is what Purple Mookiting is all about. 

Great brands are built on strong foundations. There are no short cuts. Digging deep to develop an understanding and then building the brand structure and plan to align the marketing to the change are my sweet spot. There’s a messy middle, its an iterative process, but this investment results in dividend for those companies willing to spend the time.  

It’s so rewarding to be see the story unfold, to build the connection between the audiences and the brand and to see the impact that has on the brand performance.

Kelly Hodgkins

Kelly Hodgkins

Brand Strategist and Member

I have been passionate about marketing since I was young and particularly enjoy strategising, creative direction and social media. Understanding the client’s target market well enough to speak their language and win them over is a favourite. 

I had the privilege to grow up in an entrepreneurial home where my mum ran her own marketing consultancy, Purple Mookiting. What free time I had after school and during holidays was spent working in the business and I am now a full time consultant and co-member. With over 15 years in the industry, I love sharing what I know about marketing and helping others make their marketing more effective!