Is this really what the best networkers do? Perhaps so, the author certainly lives up to his promise of outlining a strategic approach to networking and then lists activities in order to help you along your way.

There are many, many aspects to networking outlined in this book. It is indeed a deep dive. You can explore clusters, silos, as well as the power of influence, to mention a few. Some aspects will be familiar but I would be surprised if you didn’t discover a new idea, or perhaps scientific evidence for something that felt right but others challenged. For me, it was “multiplexity.” As an entrepreneur in a relatively small business community in South Africa, comprising many small and medium, privately-owned businesses, the recognition of holistic relationships and their value in business is one I value. Colleagues and clients have become friends and visa versa. The author uses the terms “multiplexity” to describe this. It was therefore extremely rewarding to read that the mixing of personal and business relationships not only boosts personal performance but also enhances the innovation and knowledge-sharing inside of an organisation. It certainly echoes my experience!

I also loved this line, “Your network is influencing you, and so you better begin influencing your network.” Isn’t that just food for thought? It certainly encourages me to pay more attention and to be more proactive in my approach.

It is evident that Burkus digs deep, with many stories and references to research that support his arguments. At times, for me, it felt like they were a little too detailed or perhaps, a little too long. But I am sure for others, they will thrive on this detail, and they will appreciate the author’s efforts to be thorough.

It was good to read that successful networking isn’t about collecting contacts, manipulating relationships or insincerity, rather it requires forethought and effort, that you are sure to find an action you can take, today, to be more effective at this very important skill.

With thanks to the author and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt for the advance copy. It was such a privilege to read this book.

From the back cover:

Handing out business cards? Or just joining LinkedIn? Not anymore. This is a new and startling look at the art and science of networking.

Everybody knows that in order to expand your business opportunities, it’s essential to reach out and build your network. But did you know that it’s your secondary, or dormant, contacts who will be the most helpful to you? Or that too many of us inadvertently run the risk of isolating ourselves into corporate silos? And what do the very best networkers do that most of us do not?

Business school professor David Burkus digs deep to find the unexpected networking secrets that provide both a unique and science-based explanation on how best to grow your universe.

Based upon entertaining case studies and research, this is the most up-to-date, practical, and revelatory guide for building one’s professional and personal connections in today’s fast-paced world. Forget the outdated advice in all the other networking books and learn how to make use of the hidden networks you already have.